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I work in a warm workplace

T & A Co., Ltd. in Okayama Prefecture sewes sportswear, casual wear, etc., owns its own factory, and manufactures quick and high-quality products with an integrated production system. We are always trying to make the best products with professional technology and experience, so if you are looking for a reliable company, please contact us.


We have received many requests and have accumulated trust and achievements


company name

T & A Co., Ltd.

Street address

83-1 Tada, Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture


Representative Director Takashi Arimoto




5 million yen

Reception time

8: 20-17: 00 (excluding Sundays and public holidays)

Business description

Knitted product manufacturing (clothing)


Sanin Godo Bank Tsuyama Branch, Chugoku Bank Katsumada Branch


ITOCHU Corporation, Nishi Sports Co., Ltd., Sanki Co., Ltd., Hanwa Co., Ltd., Takimoto Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei Advance Co., Ltd., Move Co., Ltd.

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China Knit Co., Ltd.


At the garment factory in Okayama prefecture, where many achievements have been made, we are striving every day to pursue ideal products and best services for our customers. We strive for the shortest and most reliable work while considering how to manufacture it carefully and ship it quickly. We do not charge any cost when making an estimate, and we will respond flexibly to your wishes, so please feel free to use it according to various purposes and applications.


If you are looking for a job offer, please contact us

Our company, which sews sportswear and casual wear, has many young staff and is a workplace that is easy to work for even the child care generation.
At first, we will start with a simple process, so even beginners are OK!
Before applying, a factory tour alone is OK!
Please feel free to contact us as it is accepted at any time.
We will respond flexibly to your work style preferences.

About us

We create a workplace with an at-home atmosphere

Careful and detailed service is one of the characteristics

All the products produced in the factory are carefully sewn and processed by the staff, and on top of that, the inspection, finishing and delivery processes are thoroughly managed to ensure reliable work. We delicate products such as sportswear and knits that are ruined by a slight shift are finished with fine technology, and we are raising the quality to satisfy each customer. We make full use of our experience and achievements that have responded to many requests so far, and we also accept a wide range of requests for production and production quantities with short delivery dates, so please feel free to contact us with confidence.
At the factory, various employment, careers, and ages, mainly young women, are engaged in operations such as sewing machine operators, administrative staff, and finishing staff. We aim to create a bright and warm atmosphere for the entire company and create a workplace where employees can feel safe. If you are looking for a job, please apply. We welcome beginners and inexperienced people as well as experienced people when recruiting, so please feel free to contact us.

We realize the ideal product of each customer with high technology

First of all, the staff will respond with polite customer service to those who have consulted, and we will carry out an estimate free of charge. In the factory, skilled craftsmen work and use special sewing machines for a wide range of purposes, so that each and every customer can meet the wishes they have. We will ask you as much as possible if you have any concerns such as "This may not be possible" or "I want you to respond to detailed requests for production volume and delivery time", so please contact us first.
While pursuing the technology and knowledge to pursue the ideal product, we fully utilize our accumulated know-how to perform our work. In addition, all the staff are motivated to work, and we are striving for better service and product creation while collecting ideas. We can handle everything from sewing to quick delivery without asking other companies. If you are looking for a reliable company, please leave it to us. Currently, the company is looking for people who can work together. There are many young people in the workplace, and those who have started from inexperienced and those who are raising children are also active, so if you are interested please feel free to apply.